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How To Get There

Acheivement, Relationships, Persuasion and the Persuit of Happiness


realise what you want, affection, success, wealth, fame, control, security... then use straightforward, successful Methods  to attain them. 



Discover your desires and what motivates you then, believe, plan, learn( effective methodology), memorise that, absorb it [become it], live it, and Teach if you want.


You’d like to have the control to gain affection, money, security and respect, wouldn’t you? As they can improve your happiness, can't they? They require knowledge, planning and the ability to influence. (We all want to have others see our point of view, don’t we.) We can improve your happiness by increasing your ability to attain those desires, especially by promoting your ideas to others effectively. 


How to be the person you want to be [and need to be] and the steps to advance, attain your desires and gain maximum agreement from others, which in turn advances your position, by their support.


You must decide where you want to be in life. We’ll give you the tools and show you "how to get there".

We maximise your probability of success and improve your results: socially, economically and influentially; that will improve your ability to control your life and gain agreement and support from others. Have people saying yes… when you want a yes


This unique course Is full of new information and proven methods - It will cost... time more than anything! The course itself is 40 hours and it can’t teach you to influence everyone, although it will maximise your probability of success… 


  • From proven results, so you can be confident, and feel safe (sound good) 
  • It’s a Simple format which is easy to follow and easy to do (that’s refreshing isn’t it)
  • Its affordable; the reduced investment, is money in your pocket (the budget counts, doesn’t it)
  • It’s More comprehensive than others 
  • With unique new material, (help and tools unavailable elsewhere),


These increase your knowledge. producing better results which then sponsors success in gaining those 5 prime desires. Improving knowledge and results to attain your interests, will create a better, more influential you. (just imagine). It will also Increase your income via: a promotion or raise (if it’s fixed) or more commission, residuals, and or profits (if it’s not).


With Tools for:

  • Improved Memory – to embed your new skills (it’s got to be practical, right)
  • Life skills, – improve and gain confidence and ability (even people who have them, want more)
  • Achievement  - to make you more effective in attaining those dreams (you’d like that wouldn’t you)
  • Body Language – yours and theirs; giving insight into approaching them. (increasing those results)
  • Directing communication – improved communication; builds positive relations and your influence in them (we all want others to listen, don't we)
  • Planning – to steer you to your goal - even higher probability of success in life (can you see a better future?)
  • Understanding basic psychology - understanding yourself and others will develop the relationships you want (who doesn’t want to understand more)
  • Closing – do more than just give information, you want to confirm understanding and seek agreement or commitment, to be more successful.  (isn’t success in life; “finding happiness” the goal)


It also sponsors 

  • Social network growth - more contacts and resources for your benefit. (that’s good too, isn’t it)
  • Improved relations - being seen more positively gains affection and agreement (wouldn’t you want that also?)


We also teach

Attainment, Discipline (Planning and time management), Trust and rapport, approach mentality, early contact considerations, Directing Communication (inc: preparation, process, maintaining control, dealing with criticism and conflict, resisting persuasion, and ending conversations) Contingent Infinity (which is the process of a Promotion or gaining agreement and commitment), Scripts, Closes, Post Close and other useful information


You’d have to do at least 2, probably more than 3 other courses and pay at least $1700, probably $2700 or more, to get just 80 or 90% of this information, so what would you expect to pay?


The 40 hour comprehensive course is only $895 inc GST     (Can't afford it? then you need it all the more) (or the Job Network may pay)


Not only all that, but you can Get Paid for doing it (from 20% to 65%) $179 minimum for introducing another. 

More security, status, control, resources and probably more affection for you too. (How could you say no?)


A 120 page A4 workbook is included 


Further Support and resources will be available, such as further training and marketing materials


If distance or finding a suitable time causes difficulty, you may do the course on line with a conference link via google meet or ZOOM (Zoom will be available from 6/9/21 only). Limited *10 per session max


Or at home by also purchasing the video $88 inc GST. N.B. - this option will not be available until 1/10/21


There is no booking fee if you use the referral code given to you!

If you don’t use a referral code there is a booking fee of $82.50 inc GST [100% of that is paid to current contractors “reps”] The booking fee is merely to encourage the use of the referral code as it is the source of commission for the person who gave you this information. Therefore being fair to them rewards you also.


If you wish you may also offer this rewarding program to others. It is not multi level marketing. Unlike multi level marketing there is no network structure; have as many people directly below you as you wish; there are no limitations to the number of legs you may have with far better returns to you. You will be paid a 20% commission for any person that you introduce. Although, like multi level marketing, you will be paid  for any person they introduce (12% and even more if they gain others).  The fees you will be paid for anyone they introduce are management fees, as you are then their manager. Further fees, of different percentages, will also be paid to you for further introductions on levels below them.



Dates - 


2/8/21 to 2/8/21 or 9/8/21 to 2/8/21 two 1 week courses 9-5:30 Monday to Friday - free   

At Helensvale Community Centre   *only for those who meet the criteria. [for selected participants for development purposes], You may qualify.


06/09/2021 to 10/09/2021, 13/09/2021 to 17/09/2021 two 1 week courses 9-5:30 Monday to Friday [$450ea pre launch special]

At Helensvale Community Centre - paid to reserve


27/09/2021+ to 8/10/21 9-5:30 Monday to Friday [$600 opening special] 3 weeks only

Public Office Services/Solutions yet to be announced/launched


11/10/21+ $895  - 3 options

9-5:30 Monday to Friday 1week, 5 weekend days or 6-9pm daily for 2 weeks

at any “public office [solutions or services]”  as both names are registered by this organisation


Other schedules available post 11/10/21 (Expected time of commencement) 

In 2, 4 or 8 hour blocks (5 to 20 sessions) week days, weekends or nights




We are also Seeking people who have completed the course and wish to Teach the course. Minimum of $20 p/h

Maximum or $60 p/h. average of $40-50 p/h and more again if you advance $65-75 p/h flat rate.