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How To Get There

Acheivement, Relationships, Persuasion and the Persuit of Happiness




Most people in their old age state that they have not found happiness or were happier when they were younger. Many people also regret opportunities they did not take. 


The dictionary defines happiness as feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.


It is by removing the negative and advancing positively that we then gain happiness.


Improving happiness is then simple, not fate or luck.


First, choose your outcome - our 5 prime desires:

Affection including [Love and or attention],


Success including Prestige, Excellence, Esteem, Recognition and or fame if you want, 

Control: personal: [Privacy/Liberty] or public: [Power/influence], and

Security or safety.


We all want at least 1 of those 5.


Then, use straightforward, successful methods to attain them. “The Pursuit of Happiness” includes the word “Pursuit” (action to get those desires). It needs to be more than just a dream. The great majority of Successful people get there through planning and effort, some had to fight through adversity and bad luck. Realise your potential, Discover and deal with that which holds you back or you don’t like, (accepting what is outside of your influence and that which is not worth the effort!).



If you're not highly successful in your chosen endeavour; Why havent you got more out of life? Have you reached your level of maximum competence? [the point where you are no longer able to gain competency to advance?]


If you are highly successful; you know the value of knowledge, training and planned action. unsuccessful people have excuses and expect help, successful people have contingencies and expect rewards

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