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How To Get There

Acheivement, Relationships, Persuasion and the Persuit of Happiness



 People are persuaded by things that improve Happiness. Think of what brings Happiness - the 5 prime desires


AffectionSuccess, Control, Security and Wealth.


We all want them.


They require knowledge, planning and the ability to influence. We can increase your ability to attain your desires, especially by promoting your ideas effectively to gain the support of others... Persuasion.


This unique course is full of new information and proven methods - It will cost... time more than anything!... The course itself is 40 hours and It can’t teach you to influence everyone, although it will maximise your probability of success… 


  • Proven results
  • a Simple format
  • Affordable
  • it'sComprehensive
  • With unique new material


Which produces better results sponsoring success in gaining those Desires. Imagine a better, more influential, more persuasive you.


It will also Increase your income via: a promotion or raise (if it’s fixed) or, more commission, residuals, and or profits (if it’s not)


With Tools for:

  • Improved Memory
  • Life skills
  • Achievement
  • reading others
  • Directing communication
  • Planning
  • Understanding basic psychology
  • gaining commitment from others
  • Social network growth
  • and Improved relations 

We also teach

  • Attainment
  • Trust and rapport
  • approach mentality
  • early contact considerations
  • Contingent Infinity (which is the process of a Promotion or gaining agreement)
  • Scripts
  • Closes
  • Post Close
  • and other useful information


You’d have to do at least 2, probably more than 3 other courses and pay at least $1700, to get just 80 or 90% of this information, so what would you expect to pay?


If you're not highly successful in your chosen endeavour; Why havent you got more out of life? Have you reached your level of maximum competence? [the point where you are no longer able to gain competency for advancement?]


If on the other hand you are highly successful; you know the value of knowledge, training and planned action. unsuccessful people have excuses and expect help; successful people have contingencies and expect rewards


Achievement, Relationships, Persuasion [getting agreement] are then the things that will get you there. This material will focus on those, especially persuasion as it controls relationships & shapes achievement..


This 40 hour comprehensive course is only $895 inc GST


Not only all that, but you can Get Paid for introducing another (from 22% to 65%) $179 minimum.


Free for the first 50 registered *conditions apply

A 120 page A4 workbook is included (delivered at 6 pages per 2hr session)


If distance or finding a suitable time causes difficulty, you may do the course on line with a conference link via google meet or ZOOM (Zoom will be available from 6/9/21 only). Limited *10 per session max


Or at home by also purchasing the video $88 inc GST. N.B. - the video option will not be available until september 2021


There is no booking fee if you use the referral code given to you!

If you don’t use a referral code there is a booking fee of $82.50 inc GST [100% of that is paid to current contractors “reps”] The booking fee is merely to encourage the use of the referral code as it is the source of commission for the person who gave you this information. Therefore being fair to them rewards you also.


We are also Seeking people who have completed the course and wish to Teach the course. Minimum of $20 p/h Maximum or $60 p/h. average of $40-50 p/h and more again if you advance - $65-75 p/h flat rate.