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How To Get There

Acheivement, Relationships, Persuasion and the Persuit of Happiness


Terms and Conditions.

By clicking on "I agree to the Terms and Conditions” box you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions



     "HTGT" and "we" mean "How To Get There" the course itself and or our organisation, "client" means any person who has signed up due to your promotion and "T&Cs" means these terms and conditions.


Items with words in orange font are a current probability but yet to be confirmed as such and are to be treated as actual T&Cs



      We maintain all Copyright and trademarks associated with HTGT and Public Office Services or Public Office Solutions


The Course 

  •      We maintain all intellectual property, copywright and trademarks.



  •      We require 48 business hours after payment to confirm or arrange your placement.
  •      Bookings are flexible. You may book and rebook at times suitable for you. (does not apply to courses held at Helensvale Community Centre)
  •     You are responsable for entering the correct contact information when booking a course. We maintain no liability for your errors.
  •      if we cannot book you within a 1 month period or within your top three choices we will send you the video on USB for free. 



  •      We require payment for your booking to be made to our account within 24 hours of your application, which must be confirmed by us within 2 business days of your payment. 
  •      if we have not confirmed payment within 48 hours it is your responsibility to contact us phone to resolve the issue. 
  •      a payment plan may be approved at our discretion if requested.  any payment plan must be paid in full at least one month before the booked course 
  •      payment options -  Bank deposit is available now, BPAY is available at our discretion and other options such as paymant by crypto will be available by the end of  2021. We will also accept paypal if you pay thier fees as well.


Refund Policy

  •       If you cancel more than 2 weeks before beginning the course, or have booked a course less than 2 weeks from your application; there is no cancelation fee. If it is less than 2 weeks before beginning the course a $150 cancellation fee applies. If the cancelation is 1 week or less before beginning the course a $300 cancelation fee applies.
  •       a refund of the incomplete portion of the course will be given to any person who has completed at least the first 20 hours, and considers that further information to be of no value to them.
  •      any commissions paid for the introduction a client who is paid a refund, as an incomplete portion of the course, will be reduced by 50% which will come off their following commissions.



  •      Notice of nonattendance  at least  5 days before commencement if rebooking the whole course, or 48 hours during a course is required for rebooking that segment. 
  •      It is expected that you will arrive before the begining of any session, as we will not restart a session (as would be required) due to late arivals. If you know before a session that you will be late, we expect you to notify us by phoning 0755555555 as we may delay the session by a few mnutes for your benefit. Being a few minutes late may be considered acceptable by the teacher, dependant on content delivered to that point.
  •      if you miss any session or you are late and therefore not allowed entry to that session you must makeup that session before continuing. You will need to make a new booking (dependant on availability) or purchase that session on video to continue the course from that point.
  •      Other disruptions -  if 10% or more of the class consider you disruptive you may be requested to leave, if so and you don’t we will seek enforcement.



  •      ther will be a 5 minute break per hour, if the class desires or 10 minutes per 2 hours and 20 miutes for lunch - you must return within that allotted break time


Food and drinks

  •      Other than tea and coffee; Food and drinks are not supplied, but any you bring may be consumed in class if it’s not considered disruptive
  •      Any spillage caused by you must be cleaned by yourself to a professional level, or you must pay for the cost of cleaning.
  •      Supplies - pens, pencils and or highlighters are not supplied, though may be available to borrow if you have forgotten yours.


Online  attendance

  •      Online attendance for each session is strictly limited to 10  participants.  To attend online you must seek permission to acquire the link. permission will be given in the preference order of: 1/ payment 2/ actual booking 3/ location of participant 4/ Participants other obligations 5/ The total amount of time the participant is seeking to attend the course online.



  •      you may purchase the video on USB avi format if you live within the region's specified.
  •      you may purchase the complete video to do the course at home or by session to make up any session that you have missed at a price of $88 for the 40 hrs complete course (including USB stick) or $5 per session (you supply the USB memory device)



  •      if for any reason we cancel a course or session you may continue at the next available and suitable time.


selling it 

  •      You may offer this course to anyone over the age of 15,  by any method of your choice. If you wish to contact prospects by location via telemarketing leaflet drop or in person via door knocking eccetera, We request that you notify us as to which regions you have made contact with so that other independent representatives are not competing with you. 


Independent contract sales 

  •      If you chose to offer this course to anyone you are doing so as an Independent contractor [you have a contract with us upon a sale for that sale & you are not an employee]. As such any liability you may have is also your own liability.


Age - The minimum age for participation is 15 years old


Payment of commissions 

  •      Commission schedule - $179.08 (20%) to the indepenant representitive, $97.68 (11%) to their manager (first upline). A further $211.64 (26%) is available for their qualified senior managers. This totals 54% commission dispersed to the indepenent rep and their managemaent team.
  •      All percentages will increase to account for GST when applicable (the commission amounts in dollar terms will remain the same within $1) (the percentages above include GST - ie:  $179.08 is 20% without GST and 22% of the $814 that would be charged pre GST which then amounts to $895 total when GST is included)
  •      payment due -  we will pay you after the client begins attendance. earlier payment maybe arranged at the company's discretion.
  •      payments will be made directly into your bank/crypto account within 48 hours of the client starting the course. Crypto transfers will be unavailable till October 2021


The pre-GST commission structure is:


$179  20%  for the rep who made the sale

$97  (apx 11%) for their manager (the person who signed up that rep)

$65  (apx 7%)  for their group manager (the person who signed up that manager)

$57  (apx 6%)  for their group manager (the person who signed up that group manager)

$40  (apx 5%)  for their group manager (the person who signed up that group manager)

$24  (apx 3%)  for their group manager (the person who signed up that group manager)

$16  (apx 2%)  for their group manager (the person who signed up that group manager)

$8    (apx 1%)  for their group manager (the person who signed up that group manager)

Just 1 on each level comes to about 54% total.



cessation of contracts

  •      we reserve the right to cease doing business with any independent contractor representing us, in whom we consider has obvious public disrepute or in whom we consider has misrepresented us in anyway 


changes to the T&Cs

  •      we reserve the right to change the Terms and conditions at any time by our discretion.



     We reserve the right to limit our liability reguarding: the course in any way, to the value of the course (AUD$895). We are not liable in any way reguarding any individual promoting the course or wesite. As independent contractors, you are responsable for you own lability.