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How To Get There

Acheivement, Relationships, Persuasion and the Persuit of Happiness




We will be seeking


Office Staff

1/ a manager [creative]

2/ Secretarial/Reception

3/ Legal Team

4/ Accountant


Teaching Staff

To be chosen from those who have completed the course


and independant sales reps


Experiance is not .............

These positions will not commence untill about August 2021, however they are now open for application.


All staff will have the opportunity to advance to executive level if they desire. The initial manager and teachers however are required to advance to senior levels if not to executive levels



You may apply for the office Staff positions via the form below 

(for teachers and reps there is no need for this form as you must apply for the  course first.)


Type of position you are applying for?  
do you seek Part time, Full time, or advanced  
How far would you like to advance.  
Type of position you are applying for?  
Are you able to relocate on a monthly basis if required??  
What experiance do you have (short answer please)