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How To Get There

Acheivement, Relationships, Persuasion and the Persuit of Happiness


Delivery Details


The course will be delivered to classes of 8 to 30 participants, to ensure interation via questions etc


you may attend online via a conference link (If you can't attend in person) *strictly limited to 10 people per session.


If you are late for a session, we may disclude you from that session, which you will then be required to make up before continuing, by rebooking or by purchaseing that session on video.


If you can't attend for some other reason and live within the available regiions you may purchase the video to do the course at home for $88. We will also consider sale of the video for people outside the available regions at our discression


The inital pre-launch courses will be at: Helensvale Community Centre, Helensvale. In August.


Further courses will then be available at Public Office Services or Public Office Solutions which will be the name of the offices we will launch in congunction with new regions


We will launch firstly on The Gold Coast September 2021, expanding to Brisbane within 2 momnths, Sydney 3-4 momnths latter, melbourne 1 month later, the rest of Australia 1 to 2 months later, and internationaly at about that time also


Launch Dates - 


Two 1 week courses at Banyula Drive, Gaven - free [for selected participants *only for those who meet the criteria.], You may qualify.


10/5/21 to 14/5/21 

17/5/21 to 21/5/21




Four 1 week courses at Helensvale Community Centre [$450 pre launch special] - pay to reserve


2/8/21 to 6/8/21

9/8/21 to 13/8/21 

6/9/21 to 10/9/21

13/9/21 to 17/9/21

* less than 1/2 the price of 40 hours of yoga classes (body) or your donations for 40 hours of church services [about 20 weeks] (spirit). What they do for the spirit and body this does for your mind.




Then the opening special - four 1 week courses 9-5:30 Monday to Friday or Evenings 6pm -8:30pm or 2 1/2 weekends 9am-5:30pm. At Public Office [Solutions or Services]”  as both names are registered by this organisation and will be launching in conjunction with these courses. [$600 opening special] 3 weeks only


27/09/2021 x 3 (week days, evenings or weekends)

4/10/21 x 1 (week days)




If you haven't got in for these early opportunities the course will be available at only $895 at any “Public Office [Solutions or Services]”  a business with premisis that will open in conjunction with the expansion of these courses.


11/10/21+ - 3 options 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday 1week, 9am-5:30pm 5 weekend days or 6-8:30pm daily for 16 enevings.



Other schedules will be available post 18/10/21. In 2, 4 or 8 hour blocks (5 to 20 sessions) week days, weekends, nights or the days of your choice.

As per the Schedule Below