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How To Get There

Acheivement, Relationships, Persuasion and the Persuit of Happiness


Any person who wishes to Sell these Courses may Register Here

You may begin building a team or sell it as soon as you have registered for either of those training weeks as we need that registration to pay any commissions and to offer you resources etc. You don't have to do the course to sell it, but if you want to sell someting, you want the best training. So we ask you do 1 week of sales training either week begining 10/5/21 or 17/5/21

Those free courses are for anyone who support the vision, want to maximise their lifes outcome, and wants to start selling it ASAP. You may apply even if you have no previous experiance in sales, just answer 0 in the forth question "How much time..."

You may begin to build your team straight away, once you have completed the application. (if 10 people apply & build teams averaging 5 reps then the 50 has been met, or 5 teams of 10 etc.)

for simplicity please answer "preferred methods", as: "network" (selling to family friends, neibours etc), "OPC"(Selling to people you don't know usually via a script), "internal"(prospects are brought or come to you) or "mass media"(leaflet drops etc)

Email Address and the city/town you live in  
How much time have you spent in the direct sales industry?  
What is the rep code if someone directed you here (via leaflet etc.)?   
Which week would you perfer 10/5/21 or 17/5/21  
How many hours per week will commit to building your team & selling this?  
Are you happy to present your ID and Address Evidence?  
Compared to others in similar roles were you -  
What is your preferred method of marketing (network, OPC, internal, mass media)